Terms And Conditions

We request that you read the following terms andconditions with complete concentration because using our website and servicesautomatically signifies your acceptance for them. One you use our website’sservices and subscribe to subscribing to them it means that you’ve done soafter reading and understanding our Terms and Conditions, hence you’re bound bythem. This is irrespective of the fact that how you use our services orsubscribe to them. If in the case you disagree with these terms, entirely orpartially, we recommend that you don’t subscribe to Clothing Reap’sservices.


This is alegally authentic document is basically an agreement in between you and theuser. We hold complete control and authority to change the content of theseTerms & Conditions, they can be amended by us at any moment because wereserve all the rights to do so. If we make any changes, big or small, you canread about them through the posts on our website and various other mediums.Whatever changes we make, either in sections or in whole, you will be updatedabout them through our posts on our website and also through other variousmediums. If we don’t have your consent on our terms and conditions, you arealways welcome to terminate your subscription by contacting us through email ([email protected]). ClothingReap holds complete authority of not approving a user’s notice to unsubscribewithout giving him/her any reason whatsoever.

Terminologies that we’ll be using inthese Terms & Condition:
Merchant: Merchant is used to refer toa third party seller of goods and services for the retailer for which ClothingReap is providing discount coupons and vouchers.

Service: Clothing Reap services such asthe website or any other form of communication is what we will mean byservices. The services we offer are to encourage our users to avail discountsand voucher codes that can be redeemed on the websites of our merchants.

Website: Used to refer to clothingreap.comor other microsites and apps attached to it.

User: User means you, it is theindividual who lands on our website and uses our services.

Registration, Accounts, Security &Account Closure:

    As a user of Clothing Reap we have your consent to abide with all the terms and conditions by Merchants when you are redirected to their page from our website for the completion of transactions.
    As a user you give your consent and undertake to use the Clothing Reap website and its Services specifically to publish or upload authentic and correct information, messages and materials.

As A User You Will:
•    Never copy the content of clothingreap.com on any other online portal.
•    Never publish or upload unsuitable content that is either indecent or disturbing.
•    Never publish data that might be copyrighted or secured.
•    Never post any data that includes malicious information, corrupted files or software that may intimidate the functioning of the website.
•    Never download and distribute files or information posted by other users that is not legal to be distributed.
•    Never violate any rights of others or the laws that are applicable your or any other country.
•    Never disrupt any code of conduct that might be applicable for the use of website and its services.
•    Never violate any of the Terms and Conditions that are mentioned in this agreement and or conditions highlighted anywhere else.

Use of Clothing Reap website and its Services:

•    Clothing Reap gives no guarantee that its website will be free of errors, emissions or faults of any kind. But we do strive to take reasonable actions to maintain the accurateness of data shared on our website and services offered.
•    Clothing Reap gives no guarantee of uninterrupted use of the website or its Services, access to them can be restricted, suspended or concluded at any point in time.
•    Clothing Reap reserves the right to modify, amend or remove any sort of information or any discount voucher or code at any time without being entitled to give users any sort of notice before.
•    Clothing Reap restates that nothing in this agreement is usable to comprehend a partnership or a joint venture in between the user and us.

Suspension and Termination of User Accounts:

•    In the case of any illegal activity Clothing Reap reserves the right to suspend or restrict your access to our Website’s services completely or partially.
•    Even in the case where someone else is using Clothing Reap from your account with or without your permission violates any part of this agreement, we hold all rights to terminate your use of our services and our website, particularly if we believe that:
o    You’ve breached any aspect of our Agreement
o    We find you on the reasonable grounds on which you may commit a breach of such Terms and Conditions.

Confinement and Liability

•    The Clothing Reap website is and will not be liable on any condition for any kind of punitive, consequential, indirect, direct, incidental or any other kind of damages resulting from:
o    The use or incapability to use the website or its services.
o    Illegitimate access to or the misuse of any other user’s data.
o    Any other matter relevant to the services, involving but not constrained to any sort of damages developing from the loss of use, jeopardizing any data or profit arising from any new avenue whatsoever in connection with the use or performance of the website or its Services.
•    The user understands and accepts that any material, data downloaded or retrieved otherwise through the website is done entirely at their own discretion and risk. The user also accepts that they’ll solely be accountable for damaging their computers by any means or for losing any sort of data as a consequence for downloading such materials. Clothing Reap does not guarantee, at any point, that the voucher codes and the discount deals shared on our website are absolutely authentic and correct, the user is recommended to keep the check of these points before going through with a purchase by means of our Merchants.

Links to Third Parties

Clothing Reap’s website and its services might include links to the third party websites, which are linked but not controlled in any way by us. We don’t take any responsibility for the content posted on the websites that are linked with us. Clothing Reap makes these links available to you only for your convenience, we don’t advertise any of the linked websites or the contents posted on them. You’re requested to make sure to first verify all the information’s accuracy on your own before go forth with any kind of dependability on such sort of information.

Intellectual Property Rights

Clothing Reap own all the Intellectual Property Rights to and into the website, including without confinement, any and all the rights, title and interest in and to copyright, pertinent rights, patterns, trademarks, utility models, service marks, trade names and designs, source code, meta tags, goodwill, icons, hyperlinks, unless all the same is owned by the third party with exemplification. The user, you, is not entitled or permitted to use, reproduce and distribute content of any type from our website without getting an approval or consent from us.

By using our services:

•    You agree to completely own and be responsible for data, of any kind, uploaded by you while using Clothing Reap and its services.
•    You agree never to reproduce, modify, copy or distribute any sort of content available on Clothing Reap for your own commercial purposes and benefits without our approval.
•    Title, Ownership Rights and Intellectual Property Rights which is related to the accessible content while using the Clothing Reap website, exploiting the content owned by the Merchant or the content owner, that is protected by law or other relevant copyrights. The agreement, not on any condition, provides you with the copyrights or privileges on the same.

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