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Before dwelling into the depths of our users rights, we must first ensure that they have a clear perception of what clothing reap is? Clothing Reap is a website that promptly offers a wide range of discounts and vouchers from all popular retailer/brands. It isn’t a website that has a direct link to the brands/retailers, but is instead a third party affiliated website. Which is why sometimes you might end up seeing third party link surveys and redirectors.


As mentioned above clothing reap is a site affiliated with brands/retailers through a third party network. When you click on a link on our website you’ll instantly be redirected towards the specific brand page. Through those clicks we earn a certain amount of commission from the third party affiliated networks we’re connected with.

We need to procure those commissions in order to maintain the integrity of our website and to keep running things smoothly as they are now. Remember the website is created in order to fulfill both the necessity of ours and the users. We maintain the integrity of our site with the commissions we receive after a user clicks and they get the preferable deal on their favorite brand. Making this a transaction to satisfy both our needs.


Now, to head back into the privacy policy, there are certain things we must ascertain our consumers know. Following are the details of each context of our privacy policy and how we share, handle, or regulate your information. Make sure to go through it thoroughly to avoid any misperceptions and inconveniences.


Cookies are small text files that a web server sends to your browser or on the hard drive of your computer that stores information about the sites that you visit. These cookies allow us to connect your activity with other services and information we hold about you in your profile. They are widely used to optimize the website to work more efficiently. There are three variety of cookies that we use to differentiate you from the other users, every individual receives different information after they visit our website. This is all because of the information we receive from your cookie cache.

Types of Cookies We Use:

Analytical/performance cookies: These cookies allow us to track the visitors on our website. They are essential in measuring the number of visitors and how they move around our website. This helps us to evaluate the performance of our site, for example, ensuring whether users are getting what they have been looking for easily or not.

Targeting cookies: With Targeting Cookies we capture the data of the pages you visited and the links you followed. This targeted data and behavior information of our user allows us to make advertising services more relevant to their interests.

Advertising cookies: These cookies are used to assist with delivering online advertisement on this website or those of third parties. They may gather a de-identified, non-human readable version of your email address to compare with the other data of you for improving the relevance of online advertising. It might also collect the following information of yours: IP address, browser or operating system type.

When you access the services offered on our website you’re entrusting us to manage these cookies in a safe way & are also giving us consent to utilize them for the betterment of the website and to provide better services to you.

Information we collect:

There is a certain amount of personal information that we collect from our users, in order to offer them with the right offers. The user has full control on whether they would like to provide us with the information we require or not. Though the information is necessary if the user would like to enjoy our full-fledged services, once they provide us with the necessary information, the user becomes one of our permanent members & can instantly see more than the regular users, this way they get to fully enjoy our services.

Your email IDs, address, phone number are the only information we asked. This piece of information is just limited to us only, and we don’t share our user’s information to anybody else except our third-party partners.

How The Information Collected Is Utilized:

All of the data that we have collected from you, during your visits to our websites and by the emails you sent to us is used in the following way.

·         To communicate with you in order to optimize our website better for future use.

·         To completely hand cater our newsletters & deals according to your preference.

·         To provide you with new deals every day.

·         To comply with any procedures regarding the law.

·         To also exercise & defend our legal rights.

Third Party Links:

You may see that there is a massive amount of links available on our website, those links are redirected towards the specific retailer/brand page, from which you want to avail a discount.

Note: The pages you might be directed to, after clicking on the link have their own privacy policies, the policy available on our website is solely related to our website. Once you leave the perimeter of our website this policy will not apply. So, kindly go through the policy of those third party links before proceeding forward with your transactions. 


This is one of our limited feature for registered users is our newsletters. You have the option to register to receive weekly newsletter emails that have exclusive offers tailored for you. You can UN-subscribe at any time of the year, and there won’t be any long tiring procedure, just a simple click on the unsubscribe button.

Information we collect automatically:

When you are visiting Clothing Reap, you might be asked to provide technical information about your system. By technical information, we mean your IP, operating system, web browser software, and screen resolution. The real motive behind collecting your computer information is to make our website user-friendly and more personal feel.

Surveys and Feedback:

We are in the constant struggle to bring out the best out of our services for you all. This is the reason we take your suggestion/feedbacks extremely seriously. We are engaged in continuously improving our services for you, and this is we held regular survey. You may be sent an e-mail giving a link for your feedback. Information gained from feedback will be used for statistical and Improvement purposes.

Information privacy act:

We shall only use your personal data in accordance with the legal requirements, principles and best practice recommendations of the Act that grants you various rights in respect of the processing of your personal data. In accordance with Article 77 of the General Data Protection Regulation, you may also make a complaint to the Information Commissioner's Office, or the data protection regulator in the country where you usually live or work, or where an alleged infringement of the General Data Protection Regulation has taken place. Alternatively, you may seek a remedy through the courts if you believe your rights have been breached.

For more details about your rights under the Act, the rules we have to adhere to in collecting and storing your data, and how you can check your data records, kindly visit

Update/Removal of Information:

If at any time you desire to update or remove your personal information from our website, then kindly, send an email to us and we’ll comply to it as soon as possible. If you ever wish to stop using our services, you can send out an email and we’ll remove all of your personal information. Though we might save a copy of your data for our records and for a future audit purpose.

Policy Alteration

Clothing Reap is in the position and has all the rights to alter/change/revise our Privacy Policy at any time of the year, for that purpose we will advise you to visit our Privacy Policy frequently. This is only to make us and our user comfortable on the terms we set and not losing the privacy rights.


If you have questions about our policy or how we operate our website, then do not hesitate to contact us at our email: [email protected].

ClothingReap utilizes cookies collected from third-parties & affiliate networks to enhance user experience. We might receive a commission when you buy a product or service through our links. Read More