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4 Trends To Bling On This Summer

You can either put the blame on sober office dress codes or guilty pleasures that always get in when you spend your hard earned money on almost anything that is impractical but also interestingly quirky. Whether you realize this or not, your wardrobe must be a shrine for all these novelties that you have thrown away in it, hidden in closet as dummies buried underneath all other formal attires. To get discounts on the shopping of your trendy pieces from the latest collection of The White Company opt for The White Company promo codes.

Fluorescent Haze


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Fluorescent Haze


While floral patterns and leather boots are incredible spring standbys, it is often advised in this weather that people cuddle up in the neutral shades of beige, brown, or leather coated boots. However nowadays designers have enlightened the runways with different fuzzy accents in a collection of bright and intriguing bold shades. Check out the latest ensemble of all these funky pieces featured on The White Company website here

Rainbow Smash

Just after the season of intricately designed jewelry items dominating the earlobes and fingures of all fashion savvy girls, there is another trend of jewelry eyeing for a spot in the jewelry box of fashion savvy girls. To bag all your shopped items at the best bargains opt for The White Company voucher codes and save smartly.

The White Company voucher

The White Company voucher codes


Instead of always going for going for a safe way out with white diamonds and the minimal chains, adorn your outfits with the latest studs that in the first glance will make you reminisce about the stick on earrings.

Wild Hues

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Wild Hues

Candyfloss Hues

Soothing pastels and hues like baby blue and pale pink hues possess the quality to make any fashion lover girl reminisce about those days when the most prized possession were a pair of pink sweater or slippers. These dreamy hues also offer an easy access to play with your look, especially if you couple them up with the stunning primary shades. For suppose go for a pale blue drape coat that goes beautifully with a red coloured scarf and some detailing with antique pieces. You can give an extra edge to your overall look with pink bow purse. Avail special discounts on your online purchases with The White Company discount vouchers and save smartly.









Published On: March 9, 2017

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